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Paraben Free / Mineral Base

Matte Black Square with Black Shiny Band

Net wt. 10 OZ


[sns_advance_cat_info cat=”blush-palette” title=”Blush Palettes” desc_bgcolor=”” cat_image=”1079″ desc=”(MAGNETIC REFILLABLE PALETTE )


PAN SIZE 1.434 in”]

[sns_advance_cat_info cat=”concealer” title=”Concealer” image_align=”right” desc_bgcolor=”” cat_image=”1089″ desc=”PARABEN-FREE, CRUELTY FREE

Net weight .40 OZ


[sns_advance_cat_info cat=”face-palettes” title=”Highlighter” desc_bgcolor=”” cat_image=”1075″ desc=”Aenean scelerisque ex eu risus porttitor finibus at vulputate dolor. Aliquam felis ipsum, suscipit eget turpis sed tristique sem. “]
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I recommend simply gorgeous products” author_avatar=”1071″ author_name=”Maria Sanchez” author_position=”Designer”][sns_single_testimonial style=”style2″ testimonial_content=”I always use the simply gorgeous face palattes . I do makeup at red carpet events in Los Angeles. My work has to be top notch that’s why I choose simply gorgeous cosmetics.” author_avatar=”132″ author_name=”Sandy Thompson” author_position=”Lead Makeup Artist “][sns_single_testimonial style=”style2″ testimonial_content=”I recently placed an order for brows and lashes. I received the item in less than 5 days. I was satisfied with the quality and the price.” author_avatar=”133″ author_name=”Kelly Clarkson” author_position=”Makeup Artist”][/sns_carousel]
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